Name : OrdinalsFi

Symbol : OrdiFi

Decimal : 9

CA : 0x57CA1f39b0757b8610617E90FA9b2980cCeBfecE

Total Supply : 100.000.000


The partnership will receive 5% of the total supply as its share of the supply.

We understand that appropriate and correct maintenance of positive relationships among ecosystem builders is necessary. Furthermore, cross-brand cooperation can facilitate the advancement of projects, beginning with those parts that might need more time and resources. It is therefore expected that the partnership allocation will be sufficient to cover these needs. Nevertheless, we will approach this thoughtfully in order to get the best results possible.

Cex Listing

The token allocation for cex listing is 5% We understand the significance of this for the ease with which holders can send, sell, and buy tokens.

Listing on a reputable centralized exchange is one of them, so holders can complete transactions more quickly and increase the OrdiFi accesability.


The token allocations for staking rewards is 5%.

Staking rewards is important to create a sustainable ecosystem on OrdiFi.

Tax Allocations

Trading tax buy and sell are 5% tax.

The tax will be distributed bellow.

  • Marketing and listing

  • Development

  • Team imcentives

  • Others community activities

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