OrdiFi Multichain Bridge

OrdinalsFi bridge is an innovative solution that goes beyond simple cryptocurrency exchanges trhough Telegram bot. Users will have easy access to these resources, giving them previously unheard-of chances for investment and trading.

OrdinalsFi ensures security and protects your privacy.

We operate a cryptocurrency exchange service that is non-custodial and provide you with innovative bots that make your crypto trading experience seamless and pleasant.

  • Crosschain bridge and swaps

  • Lower network fees and less on-chain txs

  • User friendly interface

  • No need to sign up and wallet connect

OrdiFi Audit Tools

Find out about threats and vulnerabilities with our in-depth analysis before you invest.

Scan and Audit any smart contract on Ethereum and others network

Main Info :

Obtain essential token details, including total supply, wallet creator, ownership, and other pertinent information.

Security Info :

Check the applicable taxes for buying and selling, understand any sell amount restrictions, and detect honeypots or potential scams.

OrdiFi Staking dApps

Decentralized, redundant, and global :

Experience staking as it should be. Get 100% APY staking rewards with OrdiFi early bird staking vault.

Stake with us and enjoy the benefits of a permissionless, non-custodial solution designed to put you in charge of your assets.

Token Creator dApps

Our mission is to make token creation easy and accessible for everyone.

Create your own ERC20 token without coding knowledge using our best ERC20 token generator. Our intuitive platform allows you to create a unique token in just a few simple steps.

OrdiFi token creator is designed to provide a smooth experience, allowing you to focus on your project's vision.

Token Locker dApps

Discover how to easily lock tokens using our platform's cutting-edge locking mechanisms.

Our easy-to-use interface and thorough instructions make the process simple and guarantee the security and transparency of your token project.

To maintain the value of your token and foster community trust, you must lock down your tokens. Benefit from our easy locking procedure and know that your token is in capable hands.

OrdiFi launchpad

OrdiFi launchpad serve as the gateway to early-stage crypto projects, offering a captivating space where creators and backers come together to shape the future of blockchain innovation.

For founders, launchpads offer a cost-effective way to generate capital, raise awareness and build a beneficial relationship with the investors.

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